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Tea tree oil, olive oil, mayonnaise, vinegar, Listerine, petroleum jelly, alcohol… I’m not making the grocery list. These are several remedies that are claimed to be a 100% effective. While these may be true for lighter infestations they are not completely effective and rather just leave the hair of the infected person smelling foul, which definitely repel other humans, lice or not.  As for the alcohol – that is better used going down your throat, for strength.
Lice Shampoo

Lice – How to Fight and Defeat Them

Many people overlook the most vital step in their fight against these pests – combing out lice and nits. Nitpicking is the best way of eliminating lice and ensuring they stay away. The proper method requires the following steps:

• Wash their hair with a natural lice shampoo. This will soften their hair and attack most of the lice.
• Put a white towel around their shoulders to catch any lice and untangle their hair using a regular comb.
• Apply lice conditioner. This will make their hair slippery, loosening the hold of lice and facilitating easy movement of the comb.
• Using a nit comb brush their hair from the top downwards, going lock-by-lock, meticulously picking any lice, nymphs and nits.
• Remove lice/nits from the comb after every stroke so that they don’t go back and cling to their hair.
• Apply hair and scalp treatment oil afterwards. It will eliminate any bugs you may have missed.
• Repeat in 2-7 days, depending on the level of infestation.

The Right Weapons for the Arsenal

The tools required for the above procedure are – lice shampoo, conditioner, nit-comb, and hair and scalp treatment oil. A good Lice shampoo, conditioner and oil needs to be natural and non-toxic, made of essential oils not pesticides. These will not only be harmless to the children, despite repeated use, they will also be effective on the lice. A good nit comb needs to be fine-toothed, preferably metal.


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